Gain insight and guidance with the ancient wisdom of the Tarot cards


The origins of the tarot cards are as mysterious as the cards themselves. When they were first used and for what purpose remains vauge and elusive. It is thought that they had their origins in India, Egypt or China, but nobody really knows. The first factual evidence of the tarot cards are found in the second half of the fifteenth century in Italy. But even the existence of these 78 beautifully painted cards does not really tell us anything with any certainty. We may well ask – what is this fascination that still holds us today? The cards evoke memories and half-known associations with legend and with myth. They also imply some kind of story or secret which cannot be totally explained.
In my own experience, the tarot is another way of gaining valuable insight into our journey through life. The cards seem to provide a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious and they connect us to our potential, our strengths and weaknesses.
The tarot is a book of knowledge and wisdom portrayed in symbols and pictures. When you chose a card it somehow reflects the inner image of yourself and an outer experience that has relevance in your life at the time. There is nothing sinister or frightening within the tarot deck. The cards reflect the various stages that we must go through during our life time – birth, childhood, love, marriage, death and transformation. The ultimate message of the cards is that we need to blend and unite every aspect of our personality, both the positive and the not so positive. Working with the mystic symbolism of the tarot cards helps us to become more self-aware and enables us to make informed choices within our life.
I have been teaching the tarot at Reading Adult and Community College for the past six years. My classes are normally full and my students are always motivated and inspired to continue working with the tarot. I also offer tarot workshops and classes for private groups.