January 2017

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all! The down-to-earth and practical sign of Capricorn steps forward this month as we head into 2017. The radiant Sun joins up with powerful Pluto on the 7th prompting some serious soul searching. It’s that time of year when the universe invites you to ponder some big questions and most importantly to ask: what do I want to be different for this year?

December 2016

This month presents and entirely new energy as your attention turns to Christmas festivities and family get-togethers. The radiant Sun is now in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, just perfect for socialising on a grand scale! Optimistic Jupiter in Libra and energetic Mars in Aquarius start the month in brilliant aspect to each other.

November 2016

The secret and mysterious sign of Scorpio comes to the forefront this month as the Sun joins with Mercury promoting some deep soul searching on all levels. The moon is full in Taurus on the 14th; this one is passionate, creative and ripe with possibilities and learning experiences.