April 2017

Venus, the planet of love and romance, starts and finishes the month in passionate Aries; interestingly she dips back in to mystical Pisces from the 3rd to the 28th, highlighting sensitivity and compassion within relationships.

March 2017

Although the Pisces Sun is prominent during most of March, this month packs a punch with an abundance of fiery Aries energy; culminating at the spring Equinox on the 20th. The Sun in Pisces highlights imagery, dreams and fantasy, making this the perfect time to let your imagination run wild and connect with your personal hopes and wishes.

February 2017

February moves the zodiac sign of Aquarius into the spotlight. This sign has great imagination and whether you are a sun sign Aquarius or not you too can connect with the collective stream of innovation and inspiration and bring your visions to fulfilment. Take this time to cultivate and focus your individuality and on how to achieve your own positive goals.