September 2017

September is always a busy month as the diligent Virgo sun turns attention to concentration and study; schools and colleges start their new term and hard work begins again. The love planets Mars and Venus have just enough time to enjoy fun and games, make the most of it as Mars enters Virgo on the 5th followed by Venus on the 20th.

August 2017

August brings an abundance of dynamic Leo energy; the lion is roaring, bringing passion, love and romance and just in time for the holiday season! The love planet Venus is in sensitive Cancer until the 26th, providing some lessons in evaluating the real worth of relationships and partnerships. Mars, the warrior planet, remains in Leo all month, offering plenty of opportunity for creative ideas to flourish.

July 2017

July brings the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer to the forefront allowing insight and intuition to be at an all-time high. This is the perfect time for tuning in and reflecting on your hopes and dreams. Venus, the love planet, arrives in versatile and curious Gemini on the 5th , offering fun and games for all