July 2017

July brings the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer to the forefront allowing insight and intuition to be at an all-time high. This is the perfect time for tuning in and reflecting on your hopes and dreams. Venus, the love planet, arrives in versatile and curious Gemini on the 5th , offering fun and games for all

June 2017

The month starts with the radiant Sun and dynamic Mars both in the sign of Gemini, highlighting good communication and much needed positive global discussions. Far-sighted Jupiter, travelling in the fair minded sign of Libra is happy to lend a helping hand. The business planet Mercury moves into Gemini on the 7th, offering a brilliant opportunity for inventive and creative thinking.

May 2017

May sees the sign of Taurus the bull moving into the spotlight; this sign is down to earth and constructive and this stable and practical energy can be used beneficially to keep your projects going at a steady pace. Taurus is also the sign of nature, spring is here – be sure to get outdoors as much as possible and enjoy the abundance of the natural world.