November 2017

  November brings the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio into the spotlight; this is your cosmic invitation to review anything in your life that has outlived its purpose and needs shifting. Venus, the planet of love and romance, enters Scorpio on the 7th and then on the 13th there is a brilliant alignment with…

October 2017

October moves the zodiac sign of Libra to the forefront. Libra is the sign of the scales and whether you are a sun sign Libra or not you too can take this opportunity to find more stability in your life. October is also a pivotal monthfor marking Jupiter’s entrance into the intense and secretive sign of Scorpion the 11th.

September 2017

September is always a busy month as the diligent Virgo sun turns attention to concentration and study; schools and colleges start their new term and hard work begins again. The love planets Mars and Venus have just enough time to enjoy fun and games, make the most of it as Mars enters Virgo on the 5th followed by Venus on the 20th.