October 2016

October brings the Sun to the balanced sign of Libra, this positive union with optimistic Jupiter generates confident action for personal growth. We celebrate two new moons this month, the first one is in Libra on the 1st of the month and then the second is in Scorpio on the 30th. New moons are magical times of new beginnings and they are important for major lifestyle changes.

September 2016

As the Autumnal Sun moves through the more serious sign of Virgo our attention returns to learning and acquiring new skills; schools and colleges start their new term and focus on serious study. Energetic Mars is lively and enthusiastic in fiery Sagittarius and brings grand ideas and vision to the surface.

August 2016

August brings the dynamic sign of Leo the lion into the spotlight, summer is here and the days are golden! Although this is traditionally the holiday month, Leo is also the sign of creativity and the Leo new moon on the 2nd kick-starts the month with an abundance of inspirational ideas. Diligent Mercury spends the whole of August in industrious Virgo, careful planning will allow time for productiveness and plenty of time to party afterwards.