What Is Business Astrology & How can It Using It Improve My Business?

Recent changes in the economy mean problems for some companies and prosperity for others. Having an Astrological consultation specifically designed for you and your business gives you a competitive edge because you know what’s coming ahead of time. This knowledge allows you to prepare for all eventualities by recognising and taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding pitfalls.

Use Astrology to gain an exciting and innovative perspective on your business

Here’s how Business Astrology works

Businesses have birth charts, just as people do. A business consultation is based on the incorporation date, the time you started your business or both. This chart will show the strengths and weaknesses of the business and by using astrological and panetary cycles, it can forecast what you can expect to happen in the future. During the consultation I would also look at the astrology chart of the business owner or owners. In a larger company I look at the charts of all the staff, particulary for team building seminars. For a new business or the launch of a new product, I actually select the date and the time to coincide with the best astrological timing for you. Using planetary cycles also works very well for selecting the best time to plan an advertising campaign, run a workshop, a seminar or an event. With my unique and innovative brand of business support I can help you and your staff to understand each other better. During my team building seminars you can discover how to make the most of your potential and generally to gain more productivity within the team. Using Astrology can help you to highlight your talents and abilities. You can acknowledge what comes naturally to you, recognise what you may need to improve or what you might want to hire someone else to do. Tuning in to your cosmic map helps you understand when is the best time to find new clients and expand operations. Using Astrology when employing new staff or business partners gives you enhanced perspective and insight. When it comes to dealing with people, their birthdate can tell you what their resumes can’t!

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do!”

J.P Morgan

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