March 2018

Pisces  February 19th to March 20th

Mars, the planet of courage and enterprise, starts the month in alignment with stern Saturn; reaffirming that it’s the perfect time to be more grounded and cultivate patience and persistence. 

February 2018


 February is the perfect month for love and passion; Venus, the love planet, obligingly moves into starry-eyed Pisces on the 11th, just in time for a super romantic Valentine’s Day on the 14th!   Communication planet Mercury stays in Aquarius until the 17th, offering great opportunities for individualistic thought and freedom of speech.  The Chinese New Year arrives on the 16th as 2018 welcomes in the year of the Dog. 

January 2018

A prosperous New Year to all!

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline, starts 2018 in Capricorn for the first time in 30 years. The flavour of the year ahead is down to earth and focused, even unrelenting at times.  Saturn in Capricorn is a hard taskmaster and this may well be a year of belt-tightening.  At its most positive we can expect