Astrology is an ancient science of observation and correlation.

The first known records of these observations go back to the dawn of man. Throughout history astrology has served as a calendar, a clock and a language of the Gods. It has inspired mathematics, astronomy and psychology. In earlier times it even served as a diagnostic tool in medicine.
Astrology is still based on the same theory as was laid down several thousands of years ago. The birth chart or horoscope is cast in a specific place for a specific moment in time and then the planetary positions are calculated and recorded. This provides a snapshot of the heavens at the moment that you were born. It is your own personal celestial map and can be used to navigate your life’s path.
Astrology connects you with your inherent potential and enables you to tune into your own rhythms and inner wisdom. Astrology is also an essential tool for the timing of events.
Based on the cycles of the constantly moving planets you can plan your year ahead by connecting with the relevant planetary cycles at any given time.
Astrology can also be used in sport – Football is a good example
Football and astrology are an intriguing combination

Read Alan Ayre’s books “Football Aims for the Stars & The Astro-Logic of Winning Football”


Who’s Been Using Astrology and Why?

Astrology is so much more than Sun signs in magazines and newspapers. In China and India it is expected that businesses will consult an Astrologer before making major moves.
Here in the West we haven’t officially admitted it yet, although it is an open secret that many successful businesses consult Astrologers. For example early in the 20th century the American magnate J.P. Morgan proclaimed that “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do” Many other famous people can attribute their success to astrology. The late Anita Roddick of the Body Shop successfully used astrology for the launching of new products. Bill Gates was believed to have tuned into the stars when he launched Microsoft’s Windows 98, at the auspicious hour of midnight on 25th June 1998.
Astrology is also used by chief executives for identifying market trends, making strategic decisions and in recruitment and team building.
I am currently working with a range of small businesses and international enterprises.

Astrology Talks

I am a regular speaker at the Astrological Lodge of London and at the annual conference for the Astrological Association of Great Britain